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Share = less stress, less time, less costs


Ever since we have been involved in the publication of financial reports we have been seeking for ways to improve processes and offer our clients more money’s worth.

It is our combined knowledge of financial reporting, database publishing and graphic automation that formed the basis of the successful realization of Share. The Financial Publisher.

With the growing standardization in financial reporting we saw the possibility to really develop a set of tools that will fully automate the publication of annual reports, quarterly updates, complex budgets, and many more forms of financial and scientific reports.

Using the same technology that we developed to automatically generate complex catalogues we succeeded to build a system that, without any interference from ‘third parties’, converts data from almost any source to publications for almost any purpose or device. Thus eliminating errors from ‘manual intervention’, saving countless hours of graphic production and checking, considerably reducing stress and enabling our customers to faster and more frequently supply their stakeholders with relevant information in a full corporate identity proof lay-out.

“I never entered a pre-publication weekend as relaxed as this year”

Anja den Besten, Reporting Manager at Nutreco


Share Enterprise

For questions about Share or for a demo please contact:
Pieter Brouwers
M: +31 6 12 74 96 64