At last! A stress free option. Share

Seamless implementation


Of course Share is a complex tool that took years to develop. But does this also mean that the implementation of Share in your organization is complex?

The answer is NO.

And neither is the operation.
Share outshines in simplicity both where implementation and operation are concerned.

In this phase we will inquire about your way of working and have a closer look at the sources of your data. And we will decide on the output formats required.

Parsing and programming
In this phase we create the tagging tables that will be used in the conversion from your sources to generic XML data. And we will define graphic criteria for the various output forms. The parsing and programming phase is approximately 6 weeks.

In the final phase we will run definite tests based on your input. At the end of this phase we will deliver the software and give you a 2 hour instruction on the use. Isn’t that simple?


Share Enterprise

For questions about Share or for a demo please contact:
Pieter Brouwers
M: +31 6 12 74 96 64