At last! A stress free option. Share

How it works


At one touch of a button. It’s that simple! And that’s exactly how Share works.

When you hit the button Share gathers all the latest information stored in your system. Whether this be Excel and/or Word files, data in Consolidation Systems or dedicated CMS data, Share knows the locations, recognizes the updates and merges all this data into one XML file. In this parsing process the data is tagged so Share will know its’ origin and thus can decide in which form on what platform the data has to be published.


Depending on the settings you chose Share then uses a set of translation tables to publish the data to any thinkable output format in one run. This can be a PDF format for either printing (HR) or publication through the internet (LR), your press release, PowerPoint presentations and HTML for feeding the CMS for your interactive online reports. In fact any format from professional print to Twitter poses no problem for Share. And you are in control!

Share is completely platform independent. No specific knowledge of graphic software is required. You are fully in control. No more third party involvement. So less error, less costs! Want to be convinced? Call or mail us for an appointment!


Share Enterprise

For questions about Share or for a demo please contact:
Pieter Brouwers
M: +31 6 12 74 96 64