At last! A stress free option. Share

The benefits


Share brings to you:

  • 1 on 1 conversion 1 from any source to any publication format in mere minutes and without any third party involvement.
  • Using one source for all your publications (full report, press releases, website, PowerPoint, …..). So consistency guaranteed!
  • Substantial cost reduction for both internal and out of pocket costs.
  • A system that runs on your in-house servers so that the confidentiality of your data remains secure until the publishing moment.
  • A system that adapts to your way of working and not the other way around. No implementation stress!
  • A ‘compare function’ that enables you to swiftly recognize the difference between any two versions thus saving you precious time in checking adaptions.
  • Drafts in full final lay-out from the first day on in your publishing process.
  • A means to more often supply your stake holders with in-depth information presented in your corporate lay-out.
  • Considerably less costs when you change either your house-style or your financial reporting standard.
  • The knowledge of a dedicated team of specialists who have a successful track record in financial publishing solutions.


Share Enterprise

For questions about Share or for a demo please contact:
Pieter Brouwers
M: +31 6 12 74 96 64