At last! A stress free option. Share

Optimize your

Financial Reporting Process

Financial reports in all formats in minutes. Stress free!


“Share is a user friendly tool that outshines in its’ simplicity”

Jos van Rijswijk, Financial director at Detail Result Group.


Share is fundamentally different from any other financial publication system.

At one touch of a button your financial report or budget in full house style lay-out. From source to publication format. It’s that simple!
And that’s exactly how Share works.

  • Pull instead of push
  • Entirely in-house, so 100% secure
  • Guaranteed data consistency in all publications
  • No more ‘manual intervention’
  • Less production time
  • Less correction time
  • Compare all versions

Scroll through our website or ask for a demo. We’ll be glad to optimize your financial publication process.


Cost savings

Cost savings

Because it is done with one-click, it saves you an enormous amount of time.

100% Secure

100% Secure

Share runs on your own system. Data no longer leaves your organization in the process.


Seamless implementation

Implementation will hardly effect your organization. We do the work, you enjoy the benefits!


Share Enterprise

For questions about Share or for a demo please contact:
Pieter Brouwers
M: +31 6 12 74 96 64